Mama Reads Monday – Apologizing to Kids, Creating Villages, The Proverbs 31 Woman, and MORE!

My Favorite Reads for Moms!

I’m always coming across interesting and inspiring reads that I want to share with all of you.  So I thought it was time to start; each Monday!  Here are my favorite reads for moms – to fit in your mama time this week.  (And if you have any interest or inspiring articles from your blog to share – scroll on down and add them to the link party below!)

This Week's Encouraging Reads for Moms - Apologizing to Kids, Creating Villages, The Proverbs 31 Woman, and MORE! + The Mama Reads Monday Link Party at B-Inspired Mama

My Favorite Mama Reads This Week:

  • Finding Happiness When Life is HardA great reminder: “Happiness isn’t a fleeting thing that only comes to you when the stars align and life isn’t stressful.  Sometimes we need to be intentional about being happy.”
  • Why I Apologize to My KidsYES! “I want my kids to know that while I am doing my utmost best for them, I have and will continue to mess up. Being a parent does not make you perfect. And if my kids grow up thinking that they have perfect parents, or at least parents who pretend to be, how will that effect them?”
  • Build Your Own Village – A response to the “loss” of modern day “villages.”  “…how else will change happen if we don’t start it ourselves. And what’s even better is that our childrenwill see what we are doing. They will learn from our actions and probably continue the movement into the next generation. And maybe that idealistic village will actually return someday!”
  • Stop Obsessing About the Proverbs 31 WomanLOVE this! “Think of Ruth the pagan or Rahab the prostitute. There was also Deborah the judge and Esther the queen. Scripture portrays all different kinds of women, many of whom we can relate to. But they do have a couple of things in common, and one of them is that they operated in wisdom. They did what God told them to do, without trying to change who they were.”
  • Parenting Against the Grain – Such a great lesson: “I don’t think I will ever regret doing what I think is right, but I might regret not being brave enough to try. It is so worth pushing through that uncomfortable feeling of parenting against the grain to follow your heart. You’ll never regret it.”
  • What Teachers Want Parents to Know the First Week Back Great tips and great resources, too.  “If all you get in answer to, ‘What did you do today honey?’ is dead silence, or ‘Nothing!’, please be assured that isn’t the case.”

Have Some Mama Reads to Share?

What have you been reading lately?  What are your favorite books or blogs to read?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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