Krissy and Family from B-InspiredMama.com
Hi!  I’m Krissy.  I’m a former art teacher turned homeschooling mama of 3. I author B-Inspired Mama to share inspiration for simple kids craftsfamily recipes,learning fun, and creative parenting with over 80,000 readers per month!

A Little Background: After earning my Master’s Degree in Art Education (with an emphasis in Children’s Literature), I taught art to 7th through 12th graders at a rural high school in Pennsylvania. I left my teaching job and the area where I grew up to grow my family and entrepreneurial dreams. After an unexpected divorce, I moved my two only children, Sawyer and Priscilla, back to my hometown near family and friends. Now we are happily living with my partner, Cliff, and our sweet toddler boy, J.C., in a quaint little home in Upstate New York. Staying home to raise and homeschool my children has allowed me to be the creative mama I want to be while nurturing my dream of B-Inspired Mama.


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