Kids’ St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Handprint Craft

A Cute St. Patrick’s Day Handprint Craft!

This type of cookie-cutter (they all look the same) craft goes against everything I learned while becoming and being an art teacher. BUT what I’ve learned while being a mother is that every mama LOVES their preschool child’s hand print, and every child loves a craft, cookie-cutter or not. No matter what holiday or cheesy craft it’s incorporated in. So I thought of a fun way to transform my kiddo’s hand print into a rainbow coming out of a pot of gold – perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day!  Here’s how we did it…

Kids St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Handprint Craft at

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St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Handprint Craft 

Steps to Make a St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Handprint Craft at
1. Paint rainbow stripes on hand in the order of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).
2. Press down onto top center of white paper to make a rainbow hand print.  Let dry.
3. Glue gold foil candy wrappers onto the white paper at the base of the hand print.  Overlap them a little.
4. Don’t forget to enjoy the chocolate coins!
5. Cut out a half circle pot shape from black construction paper.  Glue black pot onto the white paper just below the gold coins.  Overlap the coins a little to make it look like they are inside the pot.  Let glue dry.
6. Use the white paint pen to write “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” on the pot of gold.
St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Handprint Craft at
This would be so fun to do with a group of preschoolers at a St. Patrick’s Day party.  If you could get them past the chocolate eating step that is!

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This post contains affiliate links.  Please see my disclosure policy.

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