20 Memory Keeping Ideas [From the Mouths of Moms]

Keeping Kids Memories

Every Thursday I bring you kid-tested parenting tips for a specific parenting challenge “from the mouths of moms.”  Last weeks post with tips for your first weeks with a newborn went viral; make sure to check out the great discussion in the comments, too.  This week I asked our creative mamas for ideas on something I struggle to make time for: memory keeping

20 Memory Keeping Ideas for Moms [From the Mouths of Moms] at B-Inspired Mama

20 Tips for Memory Keeping

1. Make a Video of Kids Memories – “Since hubby and I are filmmakers – he makes a video each year that he completes for our first son’s birthday. I feel so lucky that we have this. Of course, we also take photos throughout the year too.  He gets footage of everyday things, but especially of special outings — so these videos capture our memories. I love them!!” Jennifer from The Good Long Road (Watch one of Jennifer’s precious videos here!)

2. Use Snapfish – “We create albums in Snapfish. So we have an album for ever month. I take a lot of pictures with my phone and we can download easily with their app. Then we share those albums through a password protected link with family and friends. Then we create a photo book for every few months.” Kathy

3. Keep Memories in a Word File – “I have a word document folder that I keep for each child that has their growth milestones, as well as funny & profound things they say.” Laura from Play Dr. Mom

4. Store Keepsakes in Hanging Files – “I also started a file system (just in a hanging file crate) for each kid to keep all their drawings, projects, and school work organized by year.” Laura from Play Dr. Mom

5. Get Deals at Shutterfly – “I make photo books from Shutterfly 1-2 times a year when ever they have a free photobook offer.” Roopa from Putti’s World

6. Keep Memories in a Memory Jar – “We have started a memory jar tradition.” Maggie from Red Ted Art

7. Make a Slide Show of Kids Memories- “For my older son’s first Christmas, I told my husband that the only present I wanted was a slide show of pictures of our son’s first year. My husband now makes a combination video/ slide show of both of our sons for me each year. I love it!” Carolyn from The Pleasantest Thing

8. Make a Photo Calendar Each Year – “My Sister-in-law makes a photo calendar for everyone for Christmas. Each month features what the kids did that month the previous year. Now that I have a baby, I can’t wait to do something similar.” Kathy

9. Try Winkflash – “I make albums using Winkflash when they have their flat-rate sales.” MaryAnne from Mama Smiles

10. Keep a Digital Journal to Turn into a Book – “I also keep a digital journal where I record memories every day. We get it bound every five years, and our kids will be able to have copies of their own.” MaryAnne from Mama Smiles

11. Write Kids Memories in a Journal – “Since I like to write, I keep a little journal of funny things my kids say or do.” Danielle from 52 Brand New

12. Use Your Cell Phone & Instagram – “I capture all of our everyday moments using my iPhone, then share them with family & friends on Instagram and use the app to upload them to Flickr at the same time. All my favorite photos are disseminated and archived with just the touch of a button.” Stacy from Kids Stuff World

13. Write Birthday Letters to Your Kids – “I write my children a letter on their birthdays. I seal the envelope. I don’t want them to open them until they are at least 16.” Danielle from 52 Brand New

14. Record Memorable Dates on a Calendar – “I use my Google calendar to remember dates that big things happen.” Amanda from Dirt and Boogers

15. Back Up Photos in Picasa – “We have an extended Picasa account which is backed up, in which we keep all our photos.” The Monko from Taming the Goblin

16. Keep Memories with a Blog – “I started blogging as a sort of online scrapbook making.” Roopa from Putti’s World

17. Make a Time Capsule – “We did a time capsule this year, to open in 10 years – I tired to put in of mix of highlights form this year and little things we see/use every day. It includes things like a wipes container, parking stubs and tickets from places we went on vacation, my 4 year old’s taekwondo schedule” Carolyn from The Pleasantest Thing

18. Keep a Scrapbook for School Memories – “I keep a school scrapbook for my kids. This is very simple, just a 2 page layout of the highlights of the year. That helps me keep it manageable.” Kristen from Busy Kids = Happy Mom

19. Do A Photobook Page a Month – “At the end of each month, I put my favorite pictures of the kids in a photo book page and write a few things about what they’re doing. At the end of the year, I get the book printed and start a new one.” Lorie from Reading Confetti

20. Add Secret Stuff to a Scrapbook – “I make an old fashion scrapbook – nothing fancy at all. I keep all their artwork, awards, some journal entries from school, things they are proud of – and then I also keep secret things that they would never guess (like a movie stub from a favorite movie, notes from teachers, pictures they don’t know I’ve taken), and I put it together at the end of elementary school, and then again as the move out of junior high. Now that one of mine is older, he’s helping to add to the book.” Jacquie from Edventures with Kids

How do you keep memories for your kids and family?  I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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