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More Fruit Fun with the Kids in the Kitchen!

Ever since my Great Quest began, I never look at fruits and vegetables the same way. Oh, they’re still healthy kids’ snacks, but an orange isn’t just an orange…it’s a monster head. A strawberry isn’t just a lovely red fruit…it’s a mouse. And now, apples and grapes have become…turtles! Since I’ve become determined to encourage my son, Sam, to eat more healthy fruits and vegetables, I’ve decided to have some fun with our food. It’s working, too! Sam is more adventuresome in his food choices and he is definitely eating more healthily. And instead of hurrying to get the dailies finished by myself so I can do something special with Sam, prepping food together actually allows us more time to hang out and have a good time with the regular business in life. Playing with food has generated lots of laughs. I love seeing his imagination in action! I’ve discovered I can sneak in some interesting educational moments, too.

A Healthy Kids in the Kitchen Recipe - Apple Turtles at B-Inspired Mama

Kids in the Kitchen – Easy Apple Turtles

The other day we washed apples and grapes (and had another discussion about germs). When we began “playing” to see what the fruit would become, we decided the green Grannie Smith apples reminded us of turtles. It is definitely easy to cut the apples in half (midway, not stem to end), add grape halves for appendages and finish ‘em off with mini chocolate chip eyes.

A Healthy Kids in the Kitchen Recipe - Easy Apple Turtles at B-Inspired Mama

Learning with the Kids in the Kitchen

After our artistic endeavors, Sam asked me a couple of questions about turtles. With Siri and Google living nearby, it’s easy to find answers and new information. Did you know that the turtle egg whites (albumin) are actually white and they won’t coagulate when cooked like bird eggs do? The yolks do cook, however. Sam was very interested in all of these pieces of science, but he declared he would never, ever, EAT turtle eggs.

We didn’t talk about the fact that some people actually eat turtles. I didn’t have the heart to tell him about turtle soup!

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What have you been up to with your kids in the kitchen?  What’s your child’s favorite fruit that they would love to make a creature with?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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