LEGO Printables and Birthday Party

LEGO Printables & Birthday Party

(All LEGO Printables can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.)


LEGO Birthday Party with Free Printables at B-Inspired Mama

I cannot believe that my Sawyer turned 6 years old this week!  I’m so proud of the little man he’s becoming; he’s such an awesome kid.  And an awesome kid deserves an awesome Birthday party, right?!  He wanted a LEGO party, and a LEGO party is exactly what he got.  Here are the details…


LEGO Party Invitation


Sawyer's Lego Birthday Party Invitation at B-Inspired Mama

Photo Card LEGO Birthday Party Invitation: First, I had Cliff and Sawyer create the number 6 out of LEGOs.  Then I took a silly photo of Sawyer holding the LEGO number.  I plugged the photo and party details into a blank photo card template on WalMart’s photo site and sent it to print.  Easy, peasy personalized LEGO party invitation!


LEGO Party Games


LEGO Party Racing Game at B-Inspired Mama

LEGO Car Race at Sawyer Speedway: I used a yardstick and black and yellow permanent markers to create a racetrack complete with checkered flag finish and the title “SAWYER SPEEDWAY” on a piece of white foam board.  As the kids arrived, they got a set of wheels and a cup of LEGOs to build a speedy race car.  When everyone was ready, we propped the racetrack up on a chair and let the races begin!

Pin the Party Hat on the LEGO Man Game at B-Inspired Mama

Pin the Party Hat on the LEGO Man Game: I took a closeup photo of Sawyer’s LEGO man to create a LEGO man poster.  I uploaded the photo into PicMonkey, edited it a bit, and added a speech bubble with “Happy Birthday, Sawyer.”  I printed it as a tiled image on 4 sheets of paper and then pasted them onto a sheet of foam board to create a large poster.  Then I printed a party hat on card stock and cut it out.  The kids loved being blindfolded and spun around before trying to pin the party hat onto the LEGO man.


LEGO Party Craft


LEGO Party Stamping Craft at B-Inspired Mama

LEGO Printing Picture Frame Craft: I set up four stamping stations each with a container of various LEGOs (including wheels) and a kids ink pad.  Then I gave each kid a pre-cut card stock picture frame to stamp on.  There were two kids at a stamping station at a time.  When I yelled “LEGO,” they rotated to the next station to their left.  The kids loved experimenting with making marks with the various LEGO pieces and wheels.


LEGO Party Food


LEGO Birthday Party Treat Buffet at B-Inspired Mama

Colorful Kids Candy Bar: I used various clear glass containers and some scoops and tongs to create a colorful kids candy bar and snack area.  I chose candy and treats that coordinated with the bright primary colors of the LEGOs.  Twizzlers, Lemonheads, Cheese Balls, M&Ms, Crunch Bars, YUM!  I think the kids really liked feeling all grown up scooping and serving themselves their treats.

LEGO Party Juice Boxes with Free Printable at B-Inspired Mama

LEGO Printables for Juice Boxes: I used the same LEGO man graphic and some bright patterned scrapbooking paper to wrap and decorate some Fruit Punch juice boxes.

LEGO Party Cupcake Toppers with Free Printables at B-Inspired Mama

LEGO Printables for Cupcake Toppers: I used my PSA Peel and Stick Stamps, some circle punches, colorful patterned scrapbooking paper, and the LEGO man graphic again to make fun cupcake toppers, too.  I used some dot adhesive to adhere them to some cocktail straws that coordinate with the primary color scheme.


LEGO Party Favors


LEGO Party Favors with Free Printable from B-Inspired Mama

LEGO “Thank You” Favor Bags: Finally, I used the same LEGO man graphic with “THANK YOU!” in his speech bubble and more colorful coordinating scrapbooking paper to decorate some primary colored gift bags for the favors.  I threw in some colorful trinkets, LEGO stickers, and a LEGO Mini and the kids were loving them!  I also decorated some inexpensive kids construction hats with LEGO stickers for the kids to wear at the party and take home, too.

LEGO Printables:



Sawyer’s LEGO Birthday party was a HUGE hit!  The kids had so much fun.  Now… to get started on Priscilla’s Princess Party…


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