Thanksgiving Snack for Kids – Turkey in the Straw

Thanksgiving Snack for Kids


When I saw the Thanksgiving Peanut Butter Turkeys at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons, I just knew we had to make our own Thanksgiving snack turkeys.  Here’s what I came up with for a fun Thanksgiving snack for kids to make using snack cakes and wholesale candy.

Thanksgiving Snack for Kids - Turkey Treat from B-Inspired Mama

Turkey in the Straw Thanksgiving Snack for Kids

Here’s what we used…

  • Little Debbie’s Cloud Cakes
  • pretzel sticks
  • candy peanuts
  • Reese’s Pieces
  • gumdrops
  • Betty Crocker Chocolate Frosting (or other frosting or peanut butter)
  • Easy Writer Food Decorator Pens

Turkey in the Straw Thanksgiving Snack Ingredients at B-InspiredMama

Here’s what we did…

1. Cut the snack cake in half (or not, the kids left their cakes whole) and place on a plate.

2. Dip one end of a pretzel stick in the frosting and stick the other end into the rounded end of the snack cake. Repeat with 4 or 5 more pretzels. These will become the turkey’s feathers.

3. Press Reese’s Pieces onto the frosting on the end of the pretzel stick “feathers.”

Thanksgiving Snack for Kids to Make - Turkey in the Straw Treats at B-Inspired Mama

4. Use some frosting to attach a candy peanut to the snack cake for the turkey’s head.

5. Cut an orange gumdrop into a triangle beak and use frosting to attach it to the candy peanut.

6. Use a Food Writer Pen to make two little dots for eyes on the candy peanut.

7. Break a pretzel stick in half and press each half into the bottom of the snack cake for the turkey’s legs.

8. Add a handful of pretzel sticks below the turkey for straw. ENJOY!

Turkey in the Straw Thanksgiving Snack for Kids at B-Inspired Mama

The kids had so much fun making these Thanksgiving snacks.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a Thanksgiving snack for kids to make at your holiday or school party?  Make sure to buy wholesale candy for a better deal if you’re planning to make them with a group.

Have you ever made any special Thanksgiving snacks for the kids?  What are your favorite Thanksgiving treats? 


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