St. Patrick’s Day Cereal Sensory Play

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What Do You Use for Sensory Play?

There are an endless amount of things that can be used for sensory bin fillers!  And my friend, Sarah of Little Bins for Little Hands, has organized “40 Days of Sensory Bin Fillers” to celebrate them all.  For the entire month of March (and into April), 40 different mama bloggers will each be sharing a different fun filler for sensory play.  Sarah kicked off the series with a Colored Craft Sand Sensory Bin.  Today, I’m excited to share CEREAL for sensory play…

Simple St. Patrick's Day Sensory Play with Cereal at B-Inspired Mama

Using Cereal for Sensory Play

Cereal is perfect for a sensory bin for the little ones because it’s edible, of course!  And what better cereal to use with St. Patrick’s Day coming up than good old Lucky Charms?!

Using Lucky Charms Cereal for Sensory Play at B-Inspired Mama

I thought about hiding some golden coins in the cereal, but hesitated to include inedible objects in an edible sensory bin with my toddler.  So I decided to keep it simple with just the cereal.  But I did toss in a scoop and some fun mini tongs that I found at our local Hobby Lobby for some fine motor skill fun.

Using Tongs for our Cereal Sensory Play at B-Inspired Mama

And I increased the early learning by adding in some paper cups for sorting those colorful marshmallows, too.

Sorting with Cereal During our Sensory Play at B-Inspired Mama

I had put down a cheap plastic table cloth to “contain” the cereal.  It was messy, but definitely worth it.  (And that’s what pet dogs are for, right?)  With just a couple boxes of cereal, the kids got some much-needed sensory input, fine motor skill development, and even early math skills practice.  Oh – and breakfast, too – Ha!

A Cereal Sensory Bin for Sensory Play at B-Inspired Mama

More Sensory Bin Fillers for Sensory Play

40 Days of Sensory Bin Fillers with Little Bins for Little Hands at B-Inspired Mama

What are your kids’ favorite sensory bin fillers?  Make sure to stop over to Little Bins for Little Hands to see all of the other fillers in the series!

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