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Use a Mini Trampoline for Indoor Games for Kids!

Energetic kids and winter seem to be correlated to one another.  The colder it gets outside, the more energy kids seem to have to burn.  We don’t get much winter around here, but we do have one extremely energetic kid.  We have to really work each day to make sure she gets enough exercise and stimulation to be ready for a nap or bedtime at the end of the day.

This Christmas she got a small trampoline to help get the yayas out and she loves it!  But even the trampoline can become mundane quickly for her.  So I came up with some indoor games for kids using the trampoline, and I thought they might be helpful to other mamas with revved up kids and no place to go, too!

5 Fun Indoor Games for Kids with a Mini Trampoline - B-Inspired Mama

5 Fun Indoor Games for Kids Using a Mini Trampoline

1. Alphabet Jumping – encourage and challenge your little one to sing the ABCs while jumping.  This sounds like something that they should be able to do very easily, but focusing on both activities at once can be difficult.  Increase the difficulty by instructing your little one to have one jump per letter.

2. Red Light, Green Light Jumping – our girl is fascinated by stoplights lately, so we are taking the opportunity to reinforce stop and go concepts on the trampoline.  We encourage her to jump on green and stop as fast as possible on red.  Such fun!

Fun Indoor Games for Kids Using a Mini Trampoline - B-Inspired Mama

3. Front and Back Jumping – Our trampoline has a really neat bar that our little one can hang on to for balance while jumping.  We encourage her to jump forward and then jump back to challenge her gross motor skills and reinforce these concepts.

4. Count Jumping – There are tons of ways you can encourage toddlers and preschoolers working on number concepts while jumping.  You can trade counting with her, so she counts odds and you count evens while she jumps.  You could work on counting by tens, too.  We also encourage her to count her jumps by saying, “How many jumps can you jump?”

Indoor Games for Kids Using a Mini Trampoline - B-Inspired Mama

5. Up Down Jumping – This is almost a natural jumping activity for kids on a trampoline: jumping and falling to the knees or bottom. It is such fun!  Challenge your little one to jump up (standing up) and down (either on knees or bottom).  Create patterns like up, up, down, down  to keep it interesting for him.

I hope these trampoline games will help keep those energy-riddled kiddos happy during the long winter months and into the spring!

Leah is the homemaker and mama behind Simple. Home. Blessings.  She loves seeing the spark in her children’s eyes  as they discover and explore new things.  She is passionate about reading and creates lots of activities based on favorite books.  She also writes about other topics related to homemaking.

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