12 Tips to Promote Good Family Health [From the Mouths of Moms]

Family Health

With the new year and flu season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to reevaluate your family’s health.  Trust me; I know how hard it is.  But every day is a new day and a new chance to refocus on promoting good health in your kids.  Here are 12 simple tips from real moms like you…

Tips to Promote Family Health "From the Mouths of Moms" at B-InspiredMama.com

12 Tips to Promote Good Family Health

1. Make Small Changes
“Encouraging good health is as simple as going for a walk instead of taking the car, reading a book instead of watching a program, playing a board game instead of playing a video game. Being active and healthy is found in the little choices we make everyday. They all add up.” Jennifer of Kitchen Counter Chronicles

2. Forget About the Weather! 
“We play out every day and I will never say no to going outside even is it is tipping down with rain, because I never want to discourage outdoor fun and exploration and movement.” The Monko from Taming the Goblin

3. Encourage Outdoor Play
“We play outside everyday. Playing outside is a fun and natural ways for children to stay physically active. It improves their physical as well as emotional well being.” Rebekah of The Golden Gleam

4. Try Workout Videos When You Can’t Get Outside
“We do video workouts at home together when we can’t go out to play or hike so they understand how important it is to keep your body moving no matter the weather.” Chrissy of The Outlaw Mom

5. Talk About Nutrition
“We go outside too but we also talk about food a lot. My son is constantly asking for candy and I just explain it’s not a healthy food and so we can only have it occasionally. When he does ask for a piece of fruit I always say, ‘Yea, that’s a healthy snack. Good choice.’ I think he’s beginning to understand.” Melanie of Raise A Boy

6. Garden with Your Kids
“Grow your own food together. Talk about each plants medical or nutritional qualities!” Amber of Mama Nature

7. Involve the Kids in Food Shopping & Cooking
“I take the kids grocery shopping with me so they can see what good food choices are and let them help out in the kitchen.” Chrissy of The Outlaw Mom

8. Prepare Healthy Meals Ahead of Time
“Due to my son’s food allergies, most of the food we eat is homemade. This is time consuming but we make it work by having my husband and I do most of the cooking for the week on Saturdays when the kids are napping. That way we can always have a healthy, allergy-free dish available even when we don’t have time to cook in the evenings.” Katie of Gift of Curiosity

9. Eat Together as a Family
“We eat meals as a family twice a day – at breakfast and at dinner – so that my husband and I can model eating a variety of healthy foods.” Katie of Gift of Curiosity

10. Minimize Screen Time
“We are huge proponents of outdoor play and minimizing time spent looking at screens (TV, computer, etc.)” Jennifer of Kitchen Counter Chronicles

11. Read Children’s Books About Health & Hygeine
“I admittedly have not been strict enough with hand-washing with my kids.  I plan to get some children’s books about germs so that they can better understand the importance of good hygeine.” Krissy of B-Inspired Mama

12. Be a Positive Example
“A lot of it is by example–our kids are happier to eat the foods they see us eating and love to go running and exercise with us so they can be strong too!” Carla of Preschool Powol Packets

How do you promote family health?  Do you teach your kids about health and wellness? 



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