Carrot Patch Sensory Play

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Fun Sensory Play for Spring or Easter

Just before hitting “PUBLISH” on this post, I came across a similar “Peas and Carrots” Sensory Bin over at Fantastic Fun & Learning.  Great Mama minds think alike!

I’m seriously loving all of the cute plastic Easter eggs in the stores right now.  Did you see the simple DIY toys we made with them the other day?  Well, I just had to do more with those adorable carrot ones.  Check out our carrot-egg inspired sensory play

Cute Peas and Carrots Sensory Play at B-Inspired Mama

Cute Carrot Patch Sensory Play

I wanted to “plant” the carrots in a sensory bin full of something dirt or grass-like, so I settled on dry slit peas.  Here’s everything I used to make our Peas & Carrots Sensory Bin…

Carrot Patch Sensory Play at B-Inspired Mama

Sensory Play “Ingredients”

A Peas and Carrots Sensory Bin for Sensory Play at B-Inspired Mama

I presented the bin to the kids with the erasers in the carrot “eggs” and the carrots “planted” in the split peas.

Fine Motor Fun and Sensory Play with a Peas and Carrots Sensory Bin at B-Inspired Mama

They had fun pulling the carrots and matching the erasers.  Then they proceeded to use the egg carton and tweezers to play any way they wanted.

Sensory Play with a Peas and Carrots Sensory Bin at B-Inspired Mama

They tweezed erasers from the peas.  They practiced fine motor skills by opening and closing the carrot eggs.  They used the open carrot eggs as scoops to fill the egg carton.  They filled the carrots with split peas to make shakers.

Shaking Shaking Sensory Play with a Peas and Carrots Sensory Bin at B-Inspired Mama

It was super cool to see them explore the sensory materials and come up with different sensory play ideas.  I think we’ll leave the split peas in our bin and add some flower toys next.

What We Used for Our Sensory Play

Do your kids like sensory play?  What are their favorite sensory bin fillers? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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