100 {FREE} 100th Day of School Printables

Let’s Celebrate the 100th Day of School!

Whether you homeschool, public school, or preschool, the 100th Day of School is a perfect excuse for a celebration!  Give the kids a fun little break (but keep them learning, too!) with these 100 free (yep, totally FREE!) printable activities, games, and worksheet….

100 Free 100th Day of School Printables at B-Inspired Mama

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100 FREE 100th Day of School Printables

  1. Graphing 100 Gumballs Printable (Just Reed!)
  2. With 100 LEGOs, I Can Build… Printable (Just Reed!)
  3. I Can Flip a Coil 100 Times Printable (Just Reed!)
  4. My 100th Day Snack Printable (Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station)
  5. Stamp to 100 Book Printable (Mrs. Jones’ Creation Station)
  6. 100th Day Crown Printable (Julie Lee)
  7. 100th Day of School Candy Treat Printable (Ladybug in Kindergarten)
  8. 100th Day Number Scavenger Hunt Printable (Stacy Romanjuk)
  9. 100th Day of School Hat Printable (Creatively Crazy in First Grade)
  10. 100th Day Gumball Sticker Printable (Learning Together)
  11. 100th Day Count by 10 Printable Puzzle (The Teaching Zoo)
  12. 100th Day of School Coloring Math Worksheet (Mrs. Ahrens)
  13. 100th Day Morning Work Printable (The Brown Bag Teacher)
  14. My 100th Day Predictions Printable (The Brown Bag Teacher)
  15. 100th Day of School Math & Literacy Unit (It’s Always Sunny in SPED)
  16. Happy 100th Day Printable Certificate (Mel D-Seusstastic)
  17. 100th Day Memory Book Page Printable (Mel D-Seusstastic)
  18. “If I Were 100…” Printable (Colleen Alaniz)
  19. 100th Day Stations Printable (Dawn)
  20. 100th Day Bean Flip Printable (Sara Rhodes)
  21. 100th Day Pizza Graphing Printable (Charlotte’s Clips)
  22. 100th Day Mystery Picture Printable (Jodi Waltman)
  23. 100 Seconds Activities Printable (Lauren Lunceford)
  24. 100th Day Making Words Printable (Primary Reading Party)
  25. 100 Exercises Printable (Christie Uribe)
  26. “If I Could Eat 100 of Something…” Graph Printable (Christie Uribe)
  27. Skip Counting to 100 Printable (Christie Uribe)
  28. 100th Day Articulation Printables (Teach Speech 365)
  29. “Race to 100” Centers Printable (One Happy Heart)
  30. 100th Day Q-Tip Painting Printable (MrsPayton)
  31. Hip Hip Hooray! 100 Days Hat Printable (MrsPayton)
  32. 100th Day Fruit Loop Necklace Printable (MrsPayton)
  33. 100th Day Sticker Book Printable (Klever Kiddos)
  34. 100th Day Celebration Coloring Sheet (More Than Math by Mo)
  35. 100th Day Printable Pizza Math Dice Game (Edward Ohlsen)
  36. 100th Day of School Trail Mix Printable (The Busy Class)
  37. 100th Day of School Sudoku Worksheet (Shannon Bryant’s Brain Train)
  38. 100th Day of School Fun with Pennies (Christie Uribe)
  39. 100th Day of School Poster Printable (First Grade Fanatics)
  40. Collect 100 Autographs Printable (Christie Uribe)
  41. 100th Day of School Perfect Attendance Certificate (HoJo)
  42. 100th Day of School Dollar Bill Math Challenge (TeachingResourceResort)
  43. 100th Day I-Spy Printable (Amy Carver)
  44. 100th Day Coloring Sheet (More Than Math by Mo)
  45. 100 Days Smarter Printable (Allison Moniz)
  46. 100 Words for 100 Days Worksheet (Adventures in Teaching)
  47. 100th Day Missing Numbers Worksheet (Adventures in Teaching)
  48. 100th Day Reading Centers Printable (We Teach Common Core)
  49. 100 Dot-To-Dot (Starfall)
  50. 100th Day Printable Glasses (Scholastic)
  51. Kings & Queens of The 100 Chart Printable (Dawn M Key)
  52. 100th Day Pattern Block Printables (Cutesy Clickables)
  53. 100 Acts of Kindness Printables (Jennifer Dougherty)
  54. 100th Day Printable Autograph Book (Melissa Schaper)
  55. Transportation Themed Counting to 100 Puzzles (Selma Dawani)
  56. 100 Can Be Illustration Prompt (Bee)
  57. Printable Apple Hundreds Board (ABCTeach)
  58. 1 – 100 Number Tracing Worksheet (Whitney Schouten)
  59. Monster 100s Chart Printable (Number Sense Guy)
  60. 100th Day Upper Elementary Activity Page (Jivey)
  61. 100 Chews Starburst Experiment Printable (Julie Marciniak)
  62. 100 Licks Tootsie Pop Experiment Printable (Julie Marciniak)
  63. Racing Back from 100 Subtraction Game (Amy Padgett)
  64. 100th Day Hat Topper Printable (Kindergarten Kids at Play)
  65. My 1 – 100 Number Book Printable (James Seever)
  66. Shoot for 100 Printable Addition Game (Wizard of Boz)
  67. 100 Days Even & Odd Color-By-Code Sheet (Kathy Law)
  68. Race to 100 Place Value Printable Game (Erin Morrison)
  69. 100 Hungry Ants Printable Counting Game (Kris Maehren)
  70. 100 Day Color-By-Solution Page (Jennifer Drake)
  71. 100s Chart Frog Hop Game (Teach Love Laugh)
  72. “When I Am 100 Years Old” Writing Activity (Kelly Harper)
  73. 100th Day LEGO Creation Printable (Rachael Wallace)
  74. 100th Day Collections Printable (Holly’s Hobbie Kindergarten)
  75. 100th Day Bilingual Bracelets Printable (Kinder Bilingue)
  76. 100th Day of School Printable Placemat (1st Grade Essentials)\
  77. Numbers 1 – 100 Printable Pirate Squeeze Game
  78. 100th Day Dice Game (Texas Kindergarten Teacher)
  79. 100th Day Printable Bookmarks (Owl About Learning)
  80. 100th Day of School Book Report Printable (Suzy Palmer)
  81. 100 Dollar Bill Design Printable (Teach Me Toriseva)
  82. 100th Day Fill In Poem (Jen McNeil)
  83. 100th Day News Printable (Teaching Heart)
  84. 100th Day Read It, Trace It, Put the Sentence Together Printable (KinderKarla)
  85. 100th Day of School Sight Word Activity (K Almaraz)
  86. From Zero to Hero 100th Day Coloring Sheet (Kady Did Doodles)
  87. 100th Day Food Groups Activity (Christie Uribe)
  88. 100th Day Fractions Worksheet (Andrea McEvoy)
  89. 100th Day Counting Story Printable (Mrs. Quinn)
  90. “I’ve Learned So Much!” 100th Day Writing Worksheet (MrsFalgiano)
  91. 100th Day Measurement Investigations Printables (Sarah Paul)
  92. 0 – 100 Number Order Winter Games Printable (Kerri B)
  93. 100th Day Roll a Die & Tally Game (Kidscrute)
  94. 100th Day Superhero Capes Printable (Mrs. Miner’s Kindergarten)
  95. 100th Day of School Differentiated Puzzle Printable (Mrs. Miner’s Kindergarten)
  96. Space Themed 100s Number Chart (Sharing Kindergarten)
  97. 100th Day True/False Printable (1st Grade Fantabulous)
  98. 100th Day Parts of Speech Printable (1st Grade Fantabulous)
  99. 100th Day ABC Order Printable (1st Grade Fantabulous)
  100. 100 Days Smarter Shape Graph (Made by Teachers)

Want even MORE 100th Day of School Celebration Ideas?  Check out the Celebrate the 100th Day Blog Hop being hosted by the awesome This Reading Mama and No Doubt Learning!

Do you celebrate the 100th Day of School with your kids or class?  I’d love to hear how in the comments below!

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