Make Waffle Mandalas for Fun Kids Snacks [Sponsored by Eggo]

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Fun Kids Snacks for Our First Waffle Wednesday!

I’m so excited to announce that B-Inspired Mama has partnered again with Eggo Waffles!  Each Wednesday we’ll be bringing you a fun waffle recipe using easy frozen Eggo Waffles.  Each week will have a fun theme, too.  And this week’s challenge theme is to use Eggo Waffles to make fun kids snacks perfect for after school.  Here’s what I came up with…

Making an Eggo Waffle Mandala Kids Snack at B-Inspired Mama

Waffle & Candy Mandala Kids Snacks


Making Eggo Waffle Mandalas for a Fun Kids Snack at B-Inspired Mama

These fun kids snacks are so easy they don’t even need a recipe.  Just toast up the frozen whole wheat waffles in the toaster or oven according to the package directions.  Slap ’em on a plate for the kids and give then some colorful candy to be creative with.  The grid pattern on the waffles make it easy to teach the kids simple radial symmetry while making their circular mandala patterns.

Colorful Eggo Waffle Mandala Kids Snack at B-Inspired Mama


When we were done making mandalas, I cut my kids’ waffles into different shapes and they created other things with the shapes.  Priscilla and I made a gingerbread-esque house with hers.  And Sawyer of course made some sort of reptile.

A Creative Eggo Waffle and Candy Kids Snack at B-Inspired Mama

Now I never claimed that these would be healthy after school kids snacks.  I mean, I know that candy has lots of sugar.  But I did choose the Nutri-Grain Whole Wheat waffles to add some nutrition at least!  And it was a fun treat to use on occasion that the kids really loved.

Enter Your Waffle Recipes in The Great Eggo Waffle Off!

Next Waffle Wednesday challenge is to use ice cream!  YUM!  Any suggestions for using ice cream with waffles?  Make sure to enter your creative Eggo Waffle Recipes into The Great Eggo Waffle Off! for your chance to win $5000!


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