Special Mom and Newborn Moments [Sponsored by SIMPLY RIGHT]

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Special Mom and Newborn Moments with SIMPLY RIGHT

We all know how overwhelming and exhausting it can be to have a newborn.  We’re reminded of that through friends, blogs, and social media all the time.  So I thought it would be nice today to hear from some real moms (our B-Inspired Bloggers) about the special moments between mom and newborn that they remember with a smile instead of with exhaustion.  Here’s what they said…

SIMPLY RIGHT Mom and Newborn Moments of Real Moms at B-InspiredMama.com

10 Mom and Newborn Moments that are SIMPLY RIGHT

1. That First Touch “I also love that moment when they’re first born and the nurses lift them up and lay them on my chest. Seriously…love!” Carla of Preschool Powol Packets

2. Holding & Snuggling “I LOVE just holding a newborn baby.” MaryAnne of Mama Smiles (more thoughts on newborn parenting from MaryAnne)

3. Tiny Fingers Wrapped Around Yours “Having them hold your finger with their little hands; its just priceless to me.” Jaime of Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

4. Looking Into Their Eyes “That overwhelming feeling of love and awe when you hold them and look into their eyes. There is nothing more beautiful or more peaceful than a newborn.” Karyn of Teach Beside Me

5. Baby Laughs “For my middle child, it’s the big deep belly laughs coming from such a small delicate baby.” Erin of The Usual Mayhem

6. Singing Lullabies “My favorite memory has to be holding and soothing my daughter in the night, singing ‘You Are My Sunshine’ over and over again…until she would finally fall asleep. I still sing the same song to my daughter at bedtime, 9 years later.” Jen of Kitchen Counter Chronicles

7. Holding Them While They Sleep “Spending the better part of the day rocking my little bundle in the rocking chair and reading a book as he slept.” Dawn of Prickly Mom

8. Sweet Rooting Faces & Noises “When Goblin was rooting around for a feed he’d wrinkle up his nose and make these snuffling noises. We used to call it ‘dragoning.’ It was so cute.” The Monko of Taming the Goblin

9. First Smiles “Nothing like that first smile.  I was feeding her, and she has this huge happy grin with little bits of milk just leaking from the sides of her mouth – I fell even farther in love!” Erika of Prey Species

10. How Content They Are After They Eat “The milk coma that comes over babies when they are finished eating. Our little ones could sleep sitting straight up, while being burped (completely content)!” Leah of Simple. Home. Blessings.

I think most of these special mom and newborn moments are pretty universal.  I know I loved and noticed them all.  But my very favorite moments were the quiet times during feeding.  And with my third (and last) baby, I even enjoyed those middle of the night feedings, when all was quiet and it was just he and I snuggling with his bottle.

SIMPLY RIGHT Infant Formula Can Help During Special Moments

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Now tell us about your special mom and newborn moments.  What makes it easier for you to enjoy those moments?




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