Snowflake Drop Baby Activity

A DIY Winter-Themed Baby Activity

J.C. is really getting to be so much fun now.  He just turned one (as you know from his first Birthday party), and he’s so curious and busy.  I love how at this age you can just see the learning unfold.  I’m always looking for a simple baby activity to entertain him.

We have a wonderful family support worker from Healthy Families New York visit us a couple times a month.  She tracks J.C.’s development, hooks me up with support and community services, and offers great ideas for playing and interacting with J.C.  Last week she brought along an empty (and clean) plastic juice container and wooden clothes pins to show J.C. how to drop them inside.  He just loved watching her, listening to the plunk, and then experimenting and discovering how to drop them in himself.  She explained that it was a great baby activity for developing fine motor and problem solving skills.  He loved it so much that I just knew I had to come up with something similar to have at home.  Here’s the creative spin I put on it…

DIY Snowfkale Drop Baby Activity at B-Inspired Mama

Snowflake Drop Baby Activity Toy



  1. Use the white paint pen to draw snowflakes and “Snowflake Drop” on the sides of the plastic jug.
  2. Use the PSA Essentials supplies (or other stamps) to add snowflakes to the wooden circles.
  3. Give them to your baby (under careful supervision) and let him play and explore!

Check out how much J.C. loves his Snowflake Drop Activity…

Obviously you don’t have to go through the trouble to make it all cute with the wooden snowflakes. Your baby would also love to drop pom poms or even crumples up white paper “snowballs,” too!

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