Mom’s Guide to School Clothes Shopping with Kids [Sponsored by Kukee]

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School Clothes Shopping with Kids

8 Tips for Smooth School Clothes Shopping with Kids at

This is the first year that my daughter, Priscilla, will be going to Preschool.  So I was pretty excited to go school clothes shopping with her.  I have fond memories of school clothes shopping with my mom.  And while my oldest, Sawyer, doesn’t like shopping at all, I’ve been betting that my girly girl, Priscilla, would love to shop with mama.  I was right!  But school clothes shopping wasn’t nearly as magical as I’d imagined.  I still stressed about whether I had everything she needed, was spending within my budget, was keeping her from running around the clothing racks… So I thought I’d come up with some tips for making school clothes shopping with the kids just a little easier and more fun…


8 Tips for Smooth School Clothes Shopping with Kids

1. Take Inventory First – Make sure to go through the clothing your child already has from last season to see what still fits and is in acceptable condition.

2. Make A List – Make a list of what your child needs and what you plan to purchase.  How many short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, pants, dresses, etc.?

3. Check Their Sizes – Make sure you know your kids’ clothing sizes before you head out.  It’ll save lots of stress in the dressing room.

4. Treat It Like A Date – Make this shopping trip seem extra special to your child by treating like a mama-daughter or mama-son date day.

5. Know Your (And Your Kids’) Limitations – You know your child best and what he or she can handle.  I know mine couldn’t handle an entire day hopping from store to store to store.  I know their limitations and choose just a couple stores that we like best.

6. Take Snacks and Drinks – Especially if you’re planning a long shopping day, make sure to bring along snacks and drinks for your child.  Or plan a lunch or treat break at a kid-friendly restaurant.

7. Let Them Be In Charge of the List – Keep your child focused on the task at hand by giving them an important job: checking off things on the list as they’re purchased.

8. Download Some Kids Apps – I only let my kids play apps on my phone when we’re waiting in waiting rooms or we’re out and about shopping and they need a distraction so I can finish up!

Kukee Makes School Clothes More Fun!

Downloading the Kukee App for School Clothes Shopping at

Wanna make school clothes shopping super fun for your daughter?  Download the new Kukee App from Evy.  Check it out…

“KuKee is an augmented virtual reality app that is being shared and distributed via Evy of CA’s new Hello Kitty Clothing Line at Macy’s. Each Hello Kitty piece will come with Hello Kitty Finger puppets and once the KuKee app is opened and used to scan the tag on the garment, a puppet show will pop up. The user can then create a show with the finger puppets and the app, take pictures and share their experience with friends.”

We had so much fun with the Kukee App and Priscilla’s new Hello Kitty clothes.  It’s super easy, too..

First, download Kukee to your iPhone or Android Phone.

Using the Kukee App while School Clothes Shopping at

Then, open the app and aim it at the sewn-on tag on the Hello Kitty clothes.

Making a Finger Puppet Show with Kukee and Her School Clothes at

Finally, let your kiddo use the finger puppets (Priscilla’s were cute little tattoo ones) to create a fun puppet show!

Playing with the Kukee App After School Clothes Shopping at

I think Priscilla’s a fan.  What do you think? 

Priscilla Enjoying Her School Clothes with her Kukee App at

To have some Kukee fun, too, just download the app and head to Macy’s for some cute Hello Kitty clothes.  Make sure to look for the ones with the sewn on Kukee patch.  And have fun!  For more updates, follow Kukee on Facebook, on Twitter, and on Instagram.

How do you tackle school clothes shopping?  Do your kids enjoy it?  I’d love to hear your tips and tricks in the comments below!

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