Reading Fun in a DIY Book Nook [Contributed by Craftulate]

This post was contributed by Georgina of Craftulate

Make Reading Fun with a Simple Book Nook

Ever since we made a table tent for my son I’ve had in mind to do something on a bigger scale. This isn’t as permanent, but it’s still a lot of fun!  Setting up the book nook for some reading fun didn’t take long at all. I turned three chairs back to back, and hung a big sheet over the top. I filled the nook with a soft rug, a bean bag and some of his favorite books.

A Simple DIY Book Nook for Kids Reading Fun at B-Inspired Mama

He absolutely loved to hide in his nook and settle down with a book for some reading fun!

Reading Fun in the DIY Book Nook at B-Inspired Mama

What was nice for me was that he often requested my presence as well – so we’d both get into the book nook and I’d read a story to him.

I also found him disappearing off into his book nook with his Kindle –  but I couldn’t call this activity a “Kindle Nook” as people might get *very* confused!

Having some Reading Fun in the DIY Book Nook at B-Inspired Mama

I started reading books to my son when he was just a baby. Books have always been a big part of his life and I think they are SO important. We’ve been through phases where he needed “gimmicks” like flaps and pop-ups, but I’m fine with that as long as the book has good content. We read three books to him every night before bed, and we often find him in the morning looking through his collection. We also have a book rack in our main living space that he can dip into any time.

Making reading fun and developing a love of reading is essential as far as I am concerned. Books provide inspiration, knowledge, and an opportunity for calm bonding time with whoever is reading. Books help develop literacy skills, language development and vocabulary. Reading before bedtime can also create a positive sleep routine.

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Georgina is the founder and editor of Craftulate, writing about crafts and activities suitable for toddlers and young children. She also loves papercraft, sewing, and cooking.

I love that this is an idea we can all do with our kids RIGHT NOW!  And it makes reading fun and whimsical for them.  Thanks so much for this inspiration, George!



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