Green Food Taste Testing for Picky Eaters with FREE Chart

Fun Food Taste Testing for Picky Eaters

I’ve mentioned before that my kids are by far the pickiest eaters on the planet, right?  I’ve tried sticker charts, bribes, threats, beatings (just kidding, of course)…  But the best tactic so far has been giving my kids the job of “Taste Tester.”  I’ve seen this on other blogs, too.  I was very skeptical that my little monsters would even participate.  BUT…

Green Food Taste Testing for Picky Eaters on St. Patrick's Day at B-Inspired Mama

they LOVED IT!  Here’s how we did our taste test…

A Green Food Taste Test for St. Patrick’s Day

I went with a St. Patrick’s Day theme and chose 9 green foods to offer in muffin tins.

Fun Green Food Taste Testing for Picky Eaters on St. Patrick's Day at B-Inspired Mama

I included celery (with peanut butter), green grapes, broccoli, green apples, green peppers, and sugar snap peas.  And I threw in a couple green treats, too, like lime jello, green gummy candies, and mint chocolate chips.

I could not believe how excited my kiddos were to try every one of my choices!  They ate vegetables that have probably never hit their lips before.

Free Printable Taste Testing Chart:

Green Food Taste Testing for Picky Eaters on St. Patrick's Day + a Free Printable at B-Inspired Mama

I made a chart with smiley and frown faces for them to circle based on their findings.  And I was surprised to see that Priscilla had more smiley faces circled than not.  And she’s even been begging to taste test red foods next.

If you’d like to try this with your picky eaters, download the free taste testing chart here.

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Do you have picky eaters, too?  Have you ever tried a taste test?  If so, share about it in the comments below!


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