Family Valentine Fun [From the Mouths of Moms]

Valentine Fun with Family Traditions!

Our “From the Mouths of Moms” mama friends always have such great holiday ideas.  We loved their Thanksgiving traditions and Christmas traditions.  Now let’s hear what these creative moms do for Valentine fun with their families and kids…

Moms Share Their Favorite Valentine's Day Family Traditions at B-Inspired Mama

15 Family Traditions for Family Valentine Fun

1. Send a Heart-Attack
“We just prepped the materials today for one of our traditions: Giving someone a heart attack. Writing messages on hearts and then placing them on someone’s door. This year, we are giving heart attacks to a beloved neighbor and a family that needs some extra love. (We plan to cut out 20 hearts for each heart attack recipient.)” Sheila of Pennies of Time

2. Give a Book Instead of Chocolate
“I try to make it a tradition to give my kids a children’s book for each holiday. We keep Valentine’s Day simple, with a Valentine book next to their (sometimes themed) breakfast in the morning.” Krissy of B-Inspired Mama

3. Have a Surprise Valentine Breakfast
“I do a special breakfast & decorate the table with red and white & hearts. We usually give the kids a tiny gift, too. I do it the night before so they wake up and see it ready. This was something my mom did when we were young and I always loved it.” Karyn of Teach Beside Me

4. Set Up A Love Bug Cafe
“We set up a Love Bug Cafe for dinner last year and plan on doing it again.” Valerie of Glittering Muffins

5. Send & Receive Care Packages
“My mom is great and sends the boys care packages each year with Valentine’s cards for them and ones they can hand out to their friends. The boys love the ‘love from grandma’ and now that they’re older we’re going to have them send something back to her.” Melanie of Raise a Boy

6. Send Valentine Photo Cards
“We like to make photo cards – especially for family members that do not live close by (which is most of them).” Carissa of Creative Green Living 

7. Make Color-Me Hearts
“Mostly we make simple cards, but my kids really enjoyed their color-me heart friends last year.” MaryAnne of Mama Smiles

8. Have a Red Food Taste Test
“We love to have a fun taste test using holiday colored foods for each holiday.  We found lots of new red and pink foods we like this year!” Krissy of B-Inspired Mama

9. Give Trinkets in a Gift Bag
“One Valentine’s day tradition we have is a gift bag. I always buy little things the like ( hot wheels, chap stick…) for the kids and my husband and fill small gift bags for them. I then give them to them on Valentine’s Day.” Jaime of Frogs & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails

10. Connect with Family Far Away
“We make cards for my husband and for all of our family that lives far away. One of the ways I try to keep them close despite the distance.” Leanna of All Done Monkey

11. Leave Hearts That Say “I Love You”
” I love surprising my husband and kids with hearts with little notes for when the wake up. I put them on the doors, bathroom mirrors, backpacks, school lunches, iPad cases and even car seats as they go throughout their day little trails of hearts follow them! I also try to eat lunch with my children at school and meeting my husband at work. Of course no Valentine’s Day is complete without a few Handmade Heart Crafts!” Kim of The Educators’ Spin On It

12. Make Valentine Meals
“I love to make a special red and white themed meals that feature hearts in at least one dish. I put out a special gift of JDaniel at his place at the table at breakfast time.” Deirdre of JDaniel4’s Mom

13. Make a Special Valentine for Dad
“I like to get the kids involved in making a special Valentine for dad each year.  Last year we used photos of each of us holding a sign telling him what we love about him.” Krissy of B-Inspired Mama

14. Decorate with Heart Crafts
“We make valentine cards for my daughter’s school friends and teachers. And love decorating the house with all our ‘heart’ art and crafts.” Roopa of Putti’s World

15. Let the Kids Get Creative with Their Valentines
” I love seeing what sort of creative valentines my kids can come up with on their own – like these.” MaryAnne of Mama Smiles

Moms Share Their Favorite Fun Valentine's Day Family Traditions at B-Inspired Mama

What kind of Valentine fun do you have with your family? Any creative Valentine’s Day family traditions?

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