Easter Egg Color Sorting

Easter Egg Sensory Color Sorting Fun!

Spring is coming!  Even if it is still chilly where you live, I’m guessing the promise of warmer weather and blooming flowers has you thinking about colorful activities to do with your little ones.  If so, why not try this color sorting activity…the combination of bright Easter eggs and colored water is sure to give your little ones Spring fever, too!


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Easter Egg Color Sorting


Set up:

Fill your tubs about ¾ full of water and add your food coloring or fizzy bath tablets to create your color tubs.  My children enjoy helping with this part almost as much as doing the activity itself!

Water for Color Sorting from Twodaloo and B-InspiredMama.com

Next, gather a variety of plastic Easter eggs in your chosen colors, mix them up, and put them in a basket or container for your child.  We used eggs of different shapes, sizes, shades, and textures to keep the activity interesting and make sorting the colors a bit more challenging. For even more learning fun, fill some of the eggs with beans or rice to make them “noisy,” and fill others with something heavy like play dough to make them sink.  Your child/children will have fun discovering these little surprises as they explore their baskets!

Easter Eggs for Color Sorting from Twodaloo an.comd B-InspiredMama


Place your tubs of water on a low table or on the ground so that your children can access them easily.  Give each child his/her container of eggs and encourage them to sort the colored eggs into the corresponding tubs of water.  To make it more of a gross motor challenge, have the children stand back from the tubs and try to toss the eggs into the correct tubs.

Kid Color Sorting Easter Eggs from Twodaloo and B-InspiredMama.com

When your kids are done sorting, let them play with the eggs and water. It’s a great sensory play experience!

*Variation: We tried this last summer when my twins were younger using larger tubs and colored balls from our ball pit. The twins had a blast climbing in and out of the tubs, and it was a great total-body color learning experience!

Summertime Water Color Sorting from Twodaloo and B-InspiredMama.com

Thanks, Krissy, for letting me share our fun learning activity today!  My little ones loved it, and it was a great way to get outdoors and do some color sorting, fine/gross motor practice, language stimulation, and just plain fun time together!

Stephanie is a speech-language pathologist specializing in early language and autism who is currently staying home with her two-year-old twins. She blogs about early childhood activities, creative projects, and parenting adventures (and mishaps) at Twodaloo. She can also be found on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and G+.

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