Creative Gift Wrapping with Fun Painted Paper [Contributed by Princess and The Rock]

This post was contributed by Felicia of Princess and The Rock.

Try a Fun Painting Technique for Creative Gift Wrapping Paper!

Princess and The Rock enjoy receiving gifts and giving them. The value for them is not in the gift itself but the excitement and suspense involved in unwrapping the gifts and wondering what treasures are in those packages. They are also avid givers because we taught them it is more blessed to give than to receive, so Daddy and I receive handmade gifts or cards from them almost everyday!  We decided to make our own creative gift wrapping paper so that it adds that personalized touch to the next gift that we’ll be giving. It turned out pretty well and fun to do as well! We think we’re going to be making more wrapping paper pretty soon!
Creative Gift Wrapping Paper Painted by the Kids - B-Inspired Mama
The design on the gift wrapping paper is made very simply by using an “airbrush” technique I learnt while I was a child and the materials needed are likely what you have at home so you can do this any time.

How to Make Creative Gift Wrapping Paper


Making Creative Gift Wrapping Paper with the Kids at B-Inspired Mama

1. Use masking tape to secure the corners of the paper to the surface which you’ll be painting on.
2. Scatter rubber bands all over the paper.
3. Choose not more than four colors and thin them down slightly to a runny consistency.
4. Dip the toothbrush into the paint and brush over the comb bristles above the paper. This  will produce tiny specks of color on the paper.
5. Repeat with different colors until you are satisfied with the saturation of color and the way it looks.
6. Remove the tape at the corners and fill in with the same technique in step 4.
7. Remove the rubber bands by simply lifting up the paper swiftly.
8. Tada! The spaces where the rubber bands were become the white rings or patterns! Let it dry, and you have your own creative gift wrapping paper.
Rubber Band Painted Creative Gift Wrapping Paper at B-Inspired Mama
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Felicia, a stay-at-home mother of two, is aspiring to be their greatest teacher. She occasionally dreams to be a fashionista in her too big maternity T-shirt and shorts while she indulges in some jewelry designing and crafting. Her two children, the Princess and the Rock are her main inspirations for her blog. Princess and The Rock aims to detail some of her thoughts and learning on being the parent of Princess and the Rock and her homeschooling journey with them. 

OMGosh!  I’ve seen and done this splatter technique with a tooth brush, but had never even thought of using something to mask off the paper first.  And using rubber bands for that repetitive circle pattern – BRILLIANT!  I can’t wait to try this with the kids to make some creative gift wrapping paper for the holidays.  Thanks so much, Felicia!



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