Collection Box Kids Craft

Collection Box Kids Craft - Perfect for Nature Collections - at B-Inspired Mama

A Kids Craft for Little Collectors!

My kids are little collectors.  They’re always picking up little bits and baubles from the floor in the store or ground on our nature walks.  Sawyer’s collection was getting a little out of hand; he needed a special collection box.  Perfect opportunity for a fun kids craft!  So we headed to the craft store to find the perfect container.  When we saw these unfinished sectioned wooden boxes, we knew they’d be perfect!  Check out how we decorated them…

Collection Box Kids Craft - at B-Inspired Mama

Collection Box Kids Craft


Collection Box Kids Craft - Supplies - at B-Inspired Mama


Use markers or pencil to sketch on the wood if you want a particular design.  Sawyer sketched out snake eyes on each corner of the lid of his box.

Collection Box Kids Craft - Designing - at B-Inspired Mama

Use the acrylic paint and brushes to paint the inside of the box and the underside of the lid first.  Priscilla painted each compartment of hers a different bright color.  Sawyer made all of his pink – like the inside of his snakes mouth, of course!

Collection Box Kids Craft - Painting - at B-Inspired Mama


Let dry. Close the lid, and paint the outside and sides of the box.

Collection Box Kids Craft - Painting Inside - at B-Inspired Mama

Let dry, and fill with all of your treasures!  No treasures?  Go on a nature hunt!  Or hunt around the house for little trinkets that fit into each compartment.  The kids had a fun time testing what would fit best where.

Collection Box Kids Craft - Painting Inside - Priscilla's Collection - at B-Inspired Mama

Do you have little collectors that would love this kids craft, too?  What are their favorite things to collect? 

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