Children and Trauma [Resources for Parents]

Children and Trauma

Helping Kids Deal with Trauma and Tragedy Resources for Parents at

I am no expert on how to talk to children about school shootings.  Who is?  There shouldn’t have to be experts on such horrific subjects.  But I am just a mom, like many of you, with a broken heart and so many questions.  Questions of how best to help my young children understand and get past this tragedy that took the lives of 26 innocent people, 20 of which were young children, on Friday, December 14, in Newtown, Connecticut.   Questions of how to comfort and reassure their innocent hearts and minds about their safety and their faith in the goodness of our world.  So instead of offering advice, advice that I could not possible give, I offer you resources.  Resources to inform, to connect, and to empower you as a loving and hopeful parent.

How to Help Kids Deal with Trauma and Tragedy

  1. How to Talk to Your Kids About School Shootings (Home Stories A to Z)
  2. How to Talk to Kids About the Newtown School Shooting (Dr. Michele Borba)
  3. How and What to Share with Children When Tragedy Strikes (The MOB Society)
  4. Talking to Kids About the Newtown School Shooting (
  5. Talking with Kids About News (PBS Parents)
  6. Help Children Cope with Loss, Death, & Grief (National Assoc. of School Psychologists)
  7. How to Talk to Kids About Tragedies in the Media (Child Development Institute)
  8. Talking to Kids About Violence (National Education Assoc. Health Information Network)
  9. How to Talk to Your Kids About Unfortunate Tragedies (All Parents Talk)
  10. What Parents Need to Know About Childhood Trauma (Trauma & Children)
  11. Sesame Street Stressful Event PSA Videos
  12. Activities for Kids Dealing with Grief (The Dougy Center)
  13. 5 Children’s Books that Deal with Death, Loss, & Grief (I Can Teach My Child)
  14. 10 Books that Explain Grief & Death to Children (Babble)

Do you plan to address the recent school shooting with your children?  At what age do you think it is appropriate?

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