The Benefits of Homeschooling – for Us

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Did You Know That We Homeschool?

If you are a regular reader, you might have seen mentioned in some previous activity posts (like our Math Fun with Fraction Pie and Geography for Kids Puzzle Sensory Bin) that we are homeschoolers.  But I have hesitated to share too much about our homeschooling, because we are so new.  Even though we started homeschooling back in January of this year, it feels like we are JUST NOW getting into a rhythm and finding what works for us.  And after nearly quitting (I seriously had the application in to a local private school!), I have a renewed faith and excitement in the process.  But I know now that it is sometimes hard to keep that faith and excitement through the tiresome planning, busy days, grumpy kids, overload of supplies, etc., etc.  So I thought I would share the benefits of homeschooling for us – for you to find inspiration – but even more so for ME to look back on during those trying times.

(With a special thanks to Intel AIO for sponsoring our homeschooling efforts!)

The Benefits of Homeschooling - for Us - #sponsored by #IntelAIO at B-Inspired Mama

The Benefits of Homeschooling – for Us

  • Accommodating Special Needs & Learning Styles – I used to be a public school teacher.  I know that most teachers in our public schools are working hard and trying their best.  However with 20-some children in a classroom, it is IMPOSSIBLE to accommodate all of the different needs and learning styles.  BUT I CAN!  I know my kids and their needs better than anyone on this Earth, and I’m able to adjust our learning environment and schedule to their unique needs. In the photos below, you can see how we do simple things like use a cardboard presentation board to make a distraction-free “office,” use our Intel AIO like a giant tablet on the floor where my son with SPD is more comfortable and focused, watch enriching videos on our Intel AIO, and practice handwriting in a salt tray for sensory input.

Children Are Unique - Shouldn't Their Education Be, Too - Benefits of Homeschooling at B-Inspired Mama

  • Field Trips & Hands-On-Learning – I simply LOVE watching my kids eyes light up when we go to a new museum, science center, or even simple nature walk; they get to EXPERIENCE things instead of just read or be lectured about them.  I know there are field trips in public schools, but with funding cuts they are few and far between.  With homeschooling we try to get out and about every other week or so.  In the photos below, the kids get up close and even touch some American Indian and Western Art and Artifacts at The Rockwell Museum in Corning, NY.

Involve me and I Learn - The Benefits of Homeschooling for Us at B-Inspired Mama

  • Sibling Bonding & Family Time – The first criticism of homeschooling is always: SOCIALIZATION.  Ugh…  Aside from all of those outings and field trips mentioned above where my children socialize in the real world, they are socializing every day with the people I hope will remain the most important people in their lives: their siblings.

Siblings Are a Child's First True Friends - Benefits of Homeschooling for Us at B-Inspired Mama

These are only three of OUR benefits of homeschooling; there are many more.  And reasons for homeschooling are unique to each child and each homeschooling family.  I’d love to hear about YOUR reasons for homeschooling and the benefits it offers your family in the comments below!

More About How We Use our Intel AIO in Our Homeschool

Our Intel AIO has been a HUGE part of our homeschooling.  I use it for research and planning, and also have it setup near our homeschooling area (which happens to also be our dining room table…) so I can work on it on the rare occasion that the kids are independently working on their homeschooling.  My favorite thing about our AIO: it is touch screen and can be used just like a tablet.  So (as you saw in the photo above) I can put it on the floor for the kids or bring it to the table for us all to look something up together.  Thanks, Intel for supporting us so we can have the awesome benefits of homeschooling mentioned above!

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#spon: I am in a partnership with Intel. Through this partnership I gain access to content, product, or other forms of value. All opinions are authentic and my own. Please see my disclosure policy.

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