Alphabet Fun: N is for Number Play

Despite our terrible colds, we had tons of fun during our Letter N Week last week.  
To stock our Learning Center, I searched the house for learning and play things related to the letter N.  I found lots of NUMBER things, like magnets, flash cards, puzzles, and counting toys.
And I stocked a shelf with a baby doll and NAPPING supplies, like blankets and pillows.  Both of the kiddos had fun caring for baby and putting her down for her nap.   Then Sawyer had fun caring for his “sissy” and putting her down for a “nap.”  I love it when they get into this imaginative play.  Why they didn’t pick a more comfortable spot, I don’t know!
I found this Little People Preschool set (pllus TONS more Little People sets) on Craigslist before Christmas for $20.  It was such a steal!  And I remembered that each little person has a number and a number to match them up with on the mat.  So this was perfect for our NUMBER play!  But Priscilla mostly enjoys making the little people play the tiny piano while she sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Sawyer LOVES “doing school” in this Mighty Machines Activity Book.  (I can’t find a link to it on Amazon, but I remember buying it for a few bucks a while back at Hobby Lobby.)  So we searched through it and did EVERY number activity in that thing.  That’s how much he loves it!  He got lots of great practice writing his numbers, which he needs the most.
While Sawyer worked on that, Priscilla worked on her hand-eye coordination putting NUMBER stickers on a letter N that I drew large on a piece of paper.  I was impressed that she did such a good job putting them only on the N, but then she peeled them all off and stuck them all over after.  She can’t seem to ever keep a sticker in one place for long!
Since we all got a terrible cold toward the end of the week, we’re still finishing up some fun N activities.  So there is MORE to COME!!  For now, we’re happy to link to Tot Tuesday, Tot School & We Play.

(I rarely buy anything that isn’t thrifted, second-hand, or on sale.  But you can learn more about some of the products we used in this post through Amazon above.  And because it’s an affiliate link, if you purchase, I will receive a tiny percentage.  Which will most likely go toward more thrifted, second-hand, or sale learning fun!  Just so you know.)

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