A Colorful Snack Taste Test

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A Taste Test to Get Kids Snacking Healthier!

We are homeschoolers now, but when my kids were in public school, they came home in the afternoons famished! They would assure me – they were STARVING! And if I let them, they’d choose a sugary pre-packaged snack every time. Now, we do our homeschool in the mornings with a snack break in the middle. That after-school or mid-homeschool snack time is the perfect time – with all kids’ attention – to encourage some healthy snacking fun, don’t you think? Here’s one way to do just that:

A Healthy and Colorful Snack Taste Test #Sponsored by #HorizonB2S at B-Inspired Mama

A Colorful Snack Taste Test

My kids LOVE taste testing; we’ve done taste tests of all green foods for St. Patrick’s Day and all red foods for Heart Health Awareness. The fun activity has gotten my picky eaters to try all kinds of food they wouldn’t have otherwise. So when Horizon Organic invited us to participate in their Back to School Program to encourage healthier kids, I thought it’d be fun to do a healthy, COLORFUL snack taste test perfect for after (or mid-) school!

A Colorful Snack Taste Test #Sponsored by #HorizonB2S at B-Inspired Mama

We all know that the healthiest snacks – fruits & veggies – come in a whole rainbow of colors. So instead of offering foods of one specific color to taste test, I offered fruits and vegetables of all colors. You can offer them on any plate, but serving them up in muffin tins makes it even more fun (and I think less intimidating) for the kids.

A Fun and Colorful Snack Taste Test #Sponsored by #HorizonB2S at B-Inspired Mama

And to make the taste test more interactive, I printed out our taste test chart for the kids to record their “findings.” (They get such a kick out of being little “scientists” taste testing and tracking their results.) Have them start with the first color in the rainbow, write down or draw that food on the first part of their chart, taste it, then circle the smiley face for “YES, I liked it!” or the frown face for “NO, I didn’t like it.”

Get the FREE Printable Taste Test Chart here!

Pair their taste test snack with a cup of Horizon Organic Milk and you’ve got a healthy – and super-fun – after school snack!

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“For 20 years Horizon Organic has been providing healthy organic milk, cheese, and other organic dairy products. We want to help supply families with the tools they need to be healthy and nutritious.” – Horizon.com

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Horizon Organic. The opinions and text are all mine.

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