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This Week’s Interesting Articles for Moms!

I’m always coming across interesting and inspiring reads that I want to share with all of you.  So I thought I’d share them with YOU each Monday!  Here are my favorite reads for you to enjoy this week during your mama time.  (And if you have any interest or inspiring articles from your blog to share – scroll on down and add them to the link party below!)

6 New Encouraging Articles for Moms at The Mama Reads Monday Link Party at B-Inspired Mama

My Picks for This Week:

  • What You Have to Do to Come to Peace With this Season in Your Life“…so we welcome this new season, whatever it may bring, because we must, because to press on as we have been doing hurts too much. Instead of fighting the changes and the transitions — what if we leaned into them instead?”
  • Finding Our It’s Sensory Processing Disorder“[He's] such a blessing to our family and I love being his mom. It’s been such a refining process for me. I wanted to parent in a certain way and have certain kids. I had this image in my head. But there’s just no room for me to cling to my selfish ways and still love him the way he needs me too.”
  • Finding Solitude As A Mom - “Solitude makes me a better wife and mother.  Solitude re-energizes me.  Solitude helps me parent my kids better.”
  • 10 Ways to Encourage Creativity in Kids - Love these tips.  Especially this one: “Schedule Unstructured Time. … The freedom to choose activities is very empowering to my boys. When I let them decide to create something, they have a stronger pride in their work than when I plan an activity for them.”
  • The Reality of Motherhood“Motherhood is made up of more hard work than sunny picnics or whispered secrets, but I think we have to idealize it anyway. It may be part of our DNA; I don’t think we can help it, and it keeps us going, day after day.”
  • Questions to Ask Before Intervening“My goal is to involve them in resolving the issue, to think about ways they can help themselves, and to let them know I don’t agree with a circumstance without being the big, bad supermom.”

Have Some Mama Reads to Share?

What interesting articles or blog posts did you read this week?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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